Aiseesoft FoneTrans Free Crack

Aiseesoft FoneTrans For Win x64 Crack Full Pro Version

Aiseesoft FoneTrans For Win x64 Crack Full Pro Version

FoneTrans allows you to import information from your iPhone/iPod to your PC. You can transfer text messages, contact, notes, call logs, messages and even the voicemails. It can let you backup the photos and playlists in the device.

Moreover, Aiseesoft FoneTrans is even capable of importing notes and calendar from Mac to iOS devices. This software also supports the export feature. You can transfer music, video, and the apps you own in your iOS device to the computer.

With Aiseesoft FoneTrans, you are able to safely and permanently transfer your iTunes Library. It also helps you transfer the music, movies, pictures, books, audiobooks, ringtones, voice memos and calendars with ease. All this can be done with a single click.

The transfer rate of Aiseesoft FoneTrans is lightning fast. The transfer speed is more than 300% faster than iTunes or Android transfer. It can transfer all the contacts, music, videos, and apps in a matter of seconds.

FoneTrans helps you transfer information to and from iOS devices. It not only supports the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPods, but it also supports Android device as well. If your Android device runs Android version 2.2 or above, then it can be supported. Moreover, FoneTrans supports most of the operating system versions of iOS devices.

FoneTrans supports iOS devices with passcode locks. Thus, no matter how much you set the lock options to, you will never lose any critical information. This is a secure way to keep the important information in a safe place. It will also keep all the important information to you.

Aiseesoft FoneTrans Crack Patch Free Download With Pro Activation Code

Aiseesoft FoneTrans  Crack Patch Free Download With Pro Activation Code

Enjoy the full work of FoneTrans with the full version of FoneTrans crack keygen from the website. Now you can enjoy the full features of FoneTrans and never worry about your smartphone being hanged. So, download the Aiseesoft FoneTrans crack and use to successfully transfer all of your multimedia files to any smartphone.

In addition to the functions of Android & iOS transferring tool, you can also use the FoneTrans full crack to transfer the file from the iPhone, iPod to your computer at the same time. So, enjoying transferring files with its powerful features.

Aiseesoft FoneTrans Importation Facility can import text messages and phone callers from an iPhone to a computer. You can also export contacts directly from an iPhone to another iPhone. If you want to find some specific mobile phone contact, you can also export them to a computer through it.

Apple iphone’s default resolution is 1280x960p. But, you can change it as you like. And, I think its resolution is too small for your Apple iphone. It limits you to read small text on your iPhone. Aiseesoft FoneTrans can help you solve the problem easily. It will provide you the larger resolution for you to read on your iPhone.

Patch For Aiseesoft FoneTrans iTunes can automatically create an iTunes sync data package for you. But, iTunes is not easy to handle. You need iTunes to do this task. You should know whether you need to share or copy data between the two iOS devices or not. Because both of them are different.

Do you know that if Apple iphone/iPod/iPad has been connected with the computer before, its warranty will be invalid if you will change its data format. Aiseesoft FoneTrans will help you get rid of this problem easily. With this program, you can easily copy data between the phone and computer.

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Aiseesoft FoneTrans Windows 10-11 Cracked Version Download + With Pro Activation Code

Aiseesoft FoneTrans Windows 10-11 Cracked Version Download + With Pro Activation Code

If you are looking for a software that can transfer data from Android and iOS devices to computer, check out the Aiseesoft FoneTrans . It can connect your Android and iOS devices to computer. For Android users, it supports converting, transferring, managing, and back-up.

FoneTrans, as a universal iOS manager, works with all iOS versions. It does a good job, including the latest iOS 9.1.76. Apart from those, FoneTrans has some other features like Notification center and Log. This makes it easier for users to keep them updated. You can also show it in a small desktop to make it easier to access.

As we all know, Apple will put some restrictions for the coming ios 10. This may cause a problem for an iPhone user to carry on iOS 9. But, It is so easy to transfer data from iOS to computer with FoneTrans. Take a look at below examples and know how to transfer iOS data to computer with Aiseesoft FoneTrans

As for the transferring data from iPhone to computer, only iPhone 5S/5C can do it with iOS 8. Thus, If you want to move data from iPhone 6/6 Plus to computer, you have to upgrade to a newer iOS version. As mentioned before, FoneTrans supports all iOS version. What is more, you can transfer to iOS 10.1.1.

The transferring and backup with FoneTrans is much easier than it is with iCloud. What’s more, the backup is super easy. You just have to select the iCal/Addressbook data in your iPhone and it will be backed up automatically. No need to worry about that. Besides, FoneTrans supports almost all types of data for backup.

Not only moving data from iPhone to computer or vice versa, but also from iOS to iOS, FoneTrans makes it easy to convert incompatible video or audio file to an iOS supported format for saving. That is, it also supports iOS video and audio format conversion.

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Aiseesoft FoneTrans Features

Aiseesoft FoneTrans Features

  • Transfer photos, videos, audios from iPhone/iPad/iPod to Mac
  • Transfer photos, videos, audios from iPhone/iPad/iPod Camera Roll to Mac
  • Export photos and videos to iTunes and iPhoto for backup
  • Preview before export
  • Support exporting audios from iTunes to iTunes
  • Support exporting audios from iPod to Mac
  • Supports iOS 9
  • Supports iOS 9.3
  • Supports iOS 11

What’s new in Aiseesoft FoneTrans

What's new in Aiseesoft FoneTrans

  • View as iPod fullscreen
  • Support 4K video format
  • Add more selection of font for preview
  • Fix some bugs

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