AppTrans Pro Full Cracked

AppTrans Pro Full Cracked

AppTrans Pro Cracked Patch Download Free + Pro Licence Key Windows 10-11

AppTrans Pro Cracked Patch Download Free + Pro Licence Key Windows 10-11

Have you lost all your data in your iPhone and don’t know how to transfer them to your new iPhone? Have lost WhatsApp conversations on your iPhone and want to move them to the new one? Have imported WhatsApp backup to your iPhone and want to restore it from the new account? Now you can simply import your favorite apps to your iPhone directly from the computer. Before you can do that, you need to install the AppTrans Pro Plug-in. When it is done, you can export apps, save them on your computer, and import them to your iPhone later. After that you can easily backup WhatsApp conversations and other apps to your computer.

Got a new smartphone and want to transfer all your apps from one to another? Download AppTrans Pro and simply backup your iPhone apps with it. All the same content, including data, will remain intact. Now you can easily transfer your WhatsApp conversations to your new iPhone and other Android apps to your new smartphone. It doesn’t matter if youre using iOS or Android or both.

What you do with all your data on your new phone doesnt matter. Now you can easily move data from one phone to another phone. With AppTrans Pro, you can simply move the content of WhatsApp chat from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, even WhatsApp backup on iTunes. With another phone, you can easily move WhatsApp chat from your old phone to your new one.

AppTrans is designed to reconstruct the App Store. AppTrans will not deliver the App Store on the new iPhone. Before we unload it, you can back up the App Store through iTunes backup. After you get your iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6, restore the App Store from the iTunes backup. And the AppTrans will make app store on the new phone.

AppTrans Pro Windows Update Download Free Crack Ultimate Keygen

AppTrans Pro Windows Update Download Free Crack Ultimate Keygen

With this AppTrans Pro tool, you can securely back up your WhatsApp and other app data to your iPhone or iPad. This useful backup and restore program for iPhone allows you to import WhatsApp history or other backups from iTunes on your PC. The utility also creates a special iTunes backup of WhatsApp data, so you can easily move between your iPhone and your PC.

AppTrans Pro allows you to import any backups you may have from other Crack For AppTrans Pro users. In addition to that, this powerful application allows you to export all of the WhatsApp data from iPhone to your PC via iTunes. There’s no need to go through a lengthy setup process, and you can start exporting your WhatsApp conversations, photos and notes right away. It also makes it possible to backup WhatsApp data to your computer. Be sure to keep your PC, iPad and iPhone connected to the Internet. The AppTrans Pro tool will detect the phone, and it will begin to migrate your data at once.

Google Drive is the world’s most popular online storage service. Not only that, it is a great way to back up apps and app data. Most of the time, people use Google Drive to backup WhatsApp and other apps. In some times, Google Drive comes with a built-in backup app. However, there is no option to get your chat history or any other data that it saves. AppTrans is a simple yet effective solution to the above. The best part is that AppTrans also allows you to transfer chats, images, or videos from one phone to another.

That’s not all, if you are the one who regularly backs up Google Drive on your iPhone or Android phones, AppTrans makes it easier to restore your Google Drive backup on your iPhone or any other Android-powered devices. Apart from the above, AppTrans is able to transfer notes, images, videos, contacts, widgets, and ringtones from any Android or iPhone.

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Cracked AppTrans Pro Download

Cracked AppTrans Pro  Download

Since AppTrans is available for free and enables you to move WhatsApp data, it is no wonder that it is downloaded a lot. You can now move WhatsApp conversations and more from iPhone to Android and vice versa as long as they run on Android phones or iPhones. When setting up the app, you’ll be required to select the target device, choose a volume for the app, select WhatsApp data to copy, and choose where you wish to save the WhatsApp chat.

When I import WhatsApp from a different phone, the various Facebook integrations will be lost. Anyway, you can import WhatsApp conversations but can’t get Facebook’s attachment.

However, AppTrans can save any Android apps or iOS apps and WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business chat data. It works well. For now, AppTrans is just excellent for Android users, but the iOS version is not far away. There will be a period where you can use the app. Other than WhatsApp, AppTrans can also move photos and videos between Android or iPhone and Android or iPhone. Do not forget to setup your Wi-Fi network connection before transferring data.

Save your WhatsApp conversations and other apps and WhatsApp data and then restore them on any new device. AppTrans Pro for Windows is an excellent tool to copy messages and chats from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone. It can also save you from message loss when you switch your iPhone or Android phones. AppTrans Pro can also be a good data backup tool. You can simply drag the WhatsApp conversations and other apps to your computer and then restore it on your new device in the same volume. If you use iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, AppTrans Pro for Windows is a must-have software tool.

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AppTrans Pro Features

AppTrans Pro Features

  • you can select an unlimited number of apps to backup at once;
  • app backups created using AppTrans can be used to restore apps on another device;
  • display the number of matched and the not matched apps;
  • no storage is required;
  • save transferring and restoring data to SD card;
  • resume the app transferring after the network connection is lost;
  • back up and restore any app available on Windows and iOS devices;
  • use an app backup to restore an app back to any device running Android.

What’s new in AppTrans Pro

What's new in AppTrans Pro

  • v.
    – Bug Fixes
  • General: Fixed some minor bugs

AppTrans Pro Registration Code


AppTrans Pro Pro Version Lifetime Licence Key

  • GVV9LU57PHI44R43OMU4NA473WTD73
  • VWW92-9Y112-F91VJ-1IX2X-HR4EE-SEHGY
  • EG280-6631N-PUPGS-QVS5W-K80F7-J9X2Q

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