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The program has an array of support for hardware vendors, including making sure you can import and export the various flavors of H.264 and other h.264-compatible files. The program uses simple tools to help you convert to and from H.264 codecs and to switch between them. CyberLink Director Suite Suite works with a pretty extensive list of AVCHD formats, including including Dolby 5.1, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Connect, DTS-HD, and others.

CyberLink’s HR 3D is a visual effects plug-in that requires you to install the program’s standalone package as well, but there’s no additional charge for its use. HR 3D does a nice job of allowing you to add text effects, such as Instagram filters, to your content. There’s also a handy feature that enables you to preview color effects before applying them, something that PowerDirector doesn’t offer. The program supports many popular 3D models, and you can apply presets for common 3D lens types, such as wide-angle, normal, and telephoto. It’s also a good way to remove fingerprints or dirty marks from your footage. CyberLink’s online CyberLinkLabs Library of 3D models has a bunch of free to use 3D models you can import into the program for free.

If you like the feel of editing in Virtual Studio’s 2015 Q1 version, you’ll be happy to know the program has been upgraded and is now at Q2. You can see the changes to the various interfaces in a blog post on the Google Chrome website. In short, Virtual Studio 2015 Q2 includes one of the best user interfaces I’ve seen on any program that includes video-editing functionality. Virtual Studio 2016 Q1 is due out next month. While you wait, you can try the CyberLink version with more features and a few less bugs.

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When viewing your timeline, you can add the effect to view the clip, and the effect is applied to the clip when it’s displayed in your project. One limitation of the program is that you can’t add more than one instance of the same effect. You can add multiple effects at once, and it may be unnecessary at times. The file browser is basic, with no codecs and no presets. CyberLink also limits the type of format you can use. For example, the program won’t let you add your own audio to a video file, which can make it tricky to add some formats that require audio.

PowerDirector 365 supports the same file formats as iMovie and Final Cut Pro X, but you can’t add your own audio tracks, fonts, videos, or pictures. The programs default to the standard stock presets, but you can’t change this, unlike under Windows. Also the built-in library contains 1GB of media, which is too small. You can add a 1TB library for a price. You can also add FTP and HTTP uploads via URL.

I like both programs’ ease of use, and with the capability to morph between different menus and views. The table of contents is full-screen, and the selection tool is large. The zoom in and out buttons are conveniently positioned, and switching from full-screen to a smaller window is done with the button located at the lower left corner of the editing window. In this scene, I watched through my drawing tablet (Eiko 50 by Graphire) to turn the drawing into a rough cut. Then I brought the footage into PowerDirector, where I added a title, zoomed in, and changed the audio track. I then brought the movie back to ColorDirector, where I used the drop-down panel at the top right of the window to select my camera.

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No major upgrades have hit the PowerPoint app since its debut last year. CyberLink added more templates, including one for Microsoft Office’s Outlook email program, and made it easier to apply a custom background. You can also create slideshows in still pictures, which isn’t all that exciting, but might be enough of an improvement to make PowerDirector a compelling alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

Well, the actual effects are about the same as they’ve been. But the program is easier to navigate. As in the previous version, you can zoom into the grid or thumbnail view. In the former, the user interface is more consistent in appearance than it was in the past. The grid is now arranged by category (Video, Audio, Special Effects, and so on) instead of by category and size, as it was in previous versions. You can also remove some of the extraneous content from file thumbnails, including media type (like audio or video), a search bar and a “Play” button. Finally, the recently updated interface and text-to-speech functionality in the program’s Text Services add-on make it much easier to navigate. CyberLink’s Text Services allow you to send presentations to speakers or convert or edit your audio and add captions for the visually impaired.

Importing is also easier. The program’s photo library and CD/DVD photo-management application let you catalog and sort your pictures. You can use the same folders on your PC and access them from the Media Library, as you would your D: drive or C: partition on your hard drive. If you have more than one hard drive or optical disc, you can use them all. Using CyberLink’s rich library, you can categorize and tag your photos by location, camera make and model, people in the photos, and so on.

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  • Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later)
  • Macintosh Intel processor (PowerPC and Power Macintosh, Duo core preferred)
  • Quad-core 1.3GHz or later
  • Screen resolution at least 1024 x 768 pixels
  • 256MB RAM
  • 1GB hard disk space

  • Capture is now listed in the main menu.
  • The “Transform” section is better organized.
  • You can now adjust contrast, sharpness, gamma, and saturation directly in the AVI files.
  • You can now apply 7-frame instant movie (similar to the Instant Crop frame feature in Adobe Premiere Elements).
  • You can now apply the Color Matrix and create vivid colors by adjusting individual RGB channels in an AVI file. (This will let you create a color matrix that’s based on videos shot at a wide range of brightness settings. You can also run the same tool in the Batch Processing menu to create a color matrix for all your existing files.)
  • You can now save a Linked File Project, so you can open the saved project again.
  • You can now use three SmartFilters, including Deep Color, to improve your quality.


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