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Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 is your ultimate audio editing solution for recording, restoring, and polishing your projects. From there, you can convert vinyls and cassettes to WAV, MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis files. Transform pitchy vocals into a stellar performance with the Elastic Audio Editor. You can also record multiple stereo mix channel and mix them into one file. Make your sounds come alive with a selection of QuickFX plug-ins, plus add an audio effect, coloration, modulation, or produce inspiring sounds with the built-in QuickFX plug-ins. Quickly remove unwanted noises and artifacts with the Noise Reduction feature. For easier track management, use the track renaming features. You can also record directly from the real-time Mix view or record from more than one source and mix them into one file.

With Sound Forge Audio Studio 14, you can record up to 6 channels of high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz recording. Benefit from support for most audio and video formats, including 5.1 Surround files. Experience a blazing-fast workflow thanks to Sound Forge Audio Studio 14s versatile Event Tool and ultra-efficient Instant Action window. Never has there been a more effortless way to record your podcasts, digitize your vinyl collection, add sound effects to YouTube videos, or craft engaging loops. Spice up your sounds with an array of captivating QuickFX plug-ins, while a turbocharged Windows context menu, improved VST handling, and a super-useful oscilloscope ensure a pro-level result. You also get iZotopes Ozone 9, one of the best ways to craft a master-quality recording. Enjoy a customizable interface, plus up to 8 virtual tracks per project to separate and organize your tracks. With Sound Forge Audio Studio 14s advanced features, you can enjoy clean audio quality, faster sound restoration and editing, a wide selection of audio effects, and a convenient Zoom mouse mode.

Cracked MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Pro Latest Free Download

Cracked MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Pro Latest Free Download

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio Pro 16 Suite is a powerful audio editing application which works along with SOUND FORGE Audio Studio. The application contains a variety of unique and advanced features that are helpful in the task of editing and modifying the audio files, whether they are songs, podcasts, or any other kind of audio recording. Sound Forge Audio Studio 16 Suite is an excellent tool which comes with a multi-track editing mode that allows you to see and hear the edits. It also comes with the ‘Audacity’ edit mode and allows you to edit multiple tracks at a time. Besides, this application also gives you the power to make a recording in a unique and easy manner. Additionally, this powerful application comes with the support for many effects which are also very helpful when it comes to making different kinds of sounds.

The pros of MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 Suite comprises of a host of editing options which are easy to understand and use. The application also comes with edit modes like ‘Audacity’ which lets you make edits in a unique manner. Besides, this application also provides you with a powerful audio restoration feature that allows you to preserve the sound of your old recordings. It even allows you to change the audio format of the file which is in the older format to the current format.

“I love, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!” You will probably have heard this sentence many times. Furthermore, your friends would be happy if they had their very own computer with which they can edit their videos and audio with the help of MAGIX Sound Forge 16. The powerful audio editing tool provides a smooth workflow and allows you to work in parallel, without losing time on your project. The advanced sound processing tool provides a huge range of functions to let you create high-quality, original sounds of the best quality. With the help of this tool, you can also add effects and even apply effects using a metronome.

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What’s new in MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Pro

Vinyl Repair allows you to fix audio files, which are damaged because of scratches or bad storage conditions. Vinyl Repair analyzes the audio files and restores lost channels, and also removes the scratch audio, noise and hiss. Optimize your files with the Advanced Project Optimizer. It offers tonal de-esser and de-clicks at the same time. The optional Delay Corrector will be automatically activated if necessary, and Delay Correction will be started immediately after the audio editing session. The new XML Editor can extract and manipulate the entire XML-Data that is stored in a track. This tool is faster and more intuitive than its predecessors, and includes a project browser, the Flash Layer and the Preset manager. For comprehensive control, the new MIDI Editor offers the Multitrack MIDI Editor.

iZotope’s Ozone 9 Elements is a powerful mixing tool for sound engineers, DJs, producers, and even composers. This tool has a fast and intuitive workflow, but powerful sound design tools. The Virtual Piano Editor is ideal for touch DJs or singers. You can use this special editor to explore numerous virtual pianos and to dynamically edit the key strokes. Get the beat sound out of your drum records with the Drum Editor. This tool restores the missing audio, removes noise, and adds percussion.

MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio is now the premier audio editing tool. It has an extensive, intuitive user interface, a fast workflow, high-fidelity audio editing and unprecedented flexibility. MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio is based on an award-winning audio editing platform that will enable you to edit and produce your music and mixes with precision and ease. Its powerful 32-bit audio editing engine and high-definition audio effects along with its multiple virtual instruments, effects and devices will help you create a mix that is both professional and personal.

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MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Pro System Requirements

MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Pro System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel/AMD 64bit
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB of free hard disk space

What’s new in MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio Pro

  • New: Sound Forge-SoundWorkshop
  • New: Sound Forge-Imagic
  • New: Sound Forge-Splice
  • New: Sound Forge-Tracker
  • New: Sound Forge-SonicScaper
  • Updates: New feature set
  • Updates: User interface
  • Updates: Speed improvements
  • Updates: General fixes and improvements
  • Updates: USB port support
  • Updates: MP3 support
  • Updates: AFX support
  • Updates: SNDMIX support
  • Updates: Layer support
  • Updates: Mod support
  • Updates: Tempo support
  • Updates: EQ support
  • Updates: Sound Forge-Studio resampling (changed to Studio Resampling)

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